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Hamish Haynes, ACIPR

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Hamish Haynes has over 25 years experience in the IT, manufacturing and TV media industries and is a specialist in two-way communication. He is a director of Hive Communications.

As Group Head of Internal Communications for British Sky Broadcasting, responsible for over 20 channels and 13,000 staff. He established the first Sky Forum, an elected group of staff representatives from all areas of the business and created Sky's Vision magazine - internal publication who has won several awards in its category.

As Marketing Director for Compaq Computer Ltd he was responsible for guiding staff through the largest merger in IT history between Compaq and HP, the setting up of staff communications channels, hosting world-wide sales conferences for 7,000 delegates and organising media parties for 3,000 guests.

His public engagements have included presenting as a guest speaker on many forums for communication in Europe and USA.