Anne Gregory, FCIPR

Kevin Ruck, MCIPR

Tim Morris, MCIPR

Myroslaw Kohut, MCIPR

Nelly Benova, CIPR

Hamish Haynes, ACIPR

Peter Rose, FCIPR

Samantha Hinton, MCIPR

Heather Yaxley, FCIPR

Liam FitzPatrick, FCIPR

Liam FitzPatrick has 20-years experience in communications in-house and as a consultant across a range of sectors including transport, telecommunications, aviation, and government. He is lecturing on the MBA programme at Imperial College in London. Liam was part of the team that produced the Intercomm matrix a model for describing the skills and experience which internal communicators need at different stages of their careers. He is also one of the creators of the Melcrum's Internal Communication Black Belt programme.