General Information for Apeiron Academy trainings


How to write for the media - NEW

Creative writing - NEW

Corporate Social Responsibility - NEW

Crisis communications - NEW

How to organise effective meetings - NEW

How to be successful with the media - NEW

How to model our presentation

Event management

Successful work with media

PR Researches and evaluation: methods and practice

Effective negotiating (general course including NLP techniques)

Leading negotiations Sales skills

Creativity and PR

PR Writing skills

Time Management Skills

Internal Communication

Planning and managing a PR campaign


General Information for Apeiron Academy trainings

Apeiron Academy is a programme of trainings, part of Apeiron Communication, which includes three different forms of education:

One-year PR qualification programmes of CIPR:
Advanced Certificate and Diploma in PR. More information about the English qualification programmes of CIPR, which Accredited Centre for Bulgaria is Apeiron Academy, you can read on:

In-house Trainings:
These are trainings which are closed for the public and are prepared at the request of one organization on a certain topic, analysis of the necessities of the participants group and as a result of an accepted offer that was presented to the requesting organization. If you have an interest in such training you can contact the Apeiron Academy team at: 8117855 or at

Open trainings:
The programme of the Open trainings is published on Apeiron Academy's site in September for the new academic year. The programme, the lecturers and the dates for these trainings are announced in advance and are open for registration for all that are interested. You can read more about the terms and conditions for caring out of open here.

Apeiron Academy Training Center,
54 "Iskar" Street, 2nd floor