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How to model our presentation

Presentation skills

Public speech

Non-verbal communication

Business etiquette and protocol

Communication and Presentation skills

Event management

Successful work with media

PR Researches and evaluation: methods and practice

Effective negotiating (general course including NLP techniques)

Leading negotiations Sales skills

Creativity and PR

PR Writing skills

Time Management Skills

Internal Communication

Planning and managing a PR campaign


How to model our presentation

How to model our presentation is a module, which offers trainings that cover the whole spectrum of knowledge and skills that help us communicate better, present ourselves more professionally and in line with the business etiquette.

The module features 5 training:

Presentation skills (Ref: MPPS)

Public speech (Ref: MPPSP)

Non-verbal communication (Ref: MPNVC)

Business etiquette and protocol (Ref: MPEP)

Communication and Presentation skills (Ref: MPCPS) 2 days (Ref: MPCPS)

and is designed to show a vast circle of knowledge in the sphere of psychology, Public speech and behaviour in front of public, to give practical advice on how to present ourselves better, i.e. how to generally model our presentation.

Presentation of the topics by professionals in the respective fields.

Practical trainings for mastering the personal skills of each participant.

A broad range of specialists who are interested in enhancing their Public speech abilities, Non-verbal communication, get better in presenting themselves and the organisations they work for.
Each participant might choose a separate training or attend the whole module depending on the self-assessment of his needs.

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