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How Well are the Employees in an Organization Informed?

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How Well are the Employees in an Organization Informed?

A national representative survey in Bulgaria conducted in October 2007 ordered by Apeiron Communication to polling agency Alpha Research.

A Small Proportion of the Bulgarians Know What is Happening in Their Organizations

A little more than half of the working population in the country has a clear idea of their company's business goals. These are the results of a national representative survey ordered by Apeiron Communication.

Nearly 50% of the respondents are acquainted with the organization of the company's activities as well as with the rules, procedures and processes, and 60% of them share that they have enough information at their disposal to do their job well. However, only 46% of the respondents understand how their every-day work contributes to the company's strategy. One of the reasons is that only 42% get feedback for the quality of their work from their managers.

The results from the national representative survey, carried out in October 2007, demonstrate the still lower efficiency of internal communications in the Bulgarian companies. There is not enough transparency around internal changes in the organizations a little more than one third of the working population is well-informed about them. The majority tells their managers are not easy to approach by the employees - just about 21% of the respondents consider their managers to be honest and open in their communication with the staff.

Lack of transparency also characterizes the approach to the size and changes in the salary. Only 29% of the respondents are aware of their career opportunities.

Internal communications are not only a one-way communication of facts, ideas, goals and opportunities. The lack of two-way communication results in lower motivation and engagement, as well as mistrust. The survey shows that the company's values are barely shared by one third of the respondents.

The cases in which employees learn about changes in their company from media are also explicit evidence that internal communication channels in the company are not functioning. In Bulgaria 10% of the working population experiences this situation.

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