New course of CIPR Diploma in PR starts in Apeiron Academy on January 29, 2011

What were the trends in internal communications in 2010?

Apeiron Academy gave the second awards for effective internal communications
Grapevine Awards 2010

Apeiron Academy will present it schedule for the 2010/2011 school year in October

Sofia will host the International Conference "Successful Communications Start From Within" for the fourth time

Apeiron Academy gives a chance to organizations working with children talents to get free consultancy in the field of PR

Apeiron Academy announced the winners in the first PR youth competition

Apeiron Academy kicks off project enrollment for Grapevine Awards 2010 - competition for achievements in internal communications

Apeiron Academy challenges people up to 21 with an essay competition on the topic
"How would I present Bulgaria if I were a PR specialist?"

Creativity expert Andy Green was main lecturer of Creatvitiy Days 2010, project of Apeiron Academy

Apeiron Academy kicks off the enrollment campaign for their CIPR qualification programs starting in the fall

Apeiron Academy lecturers will facilitate trainings for the HR Academy of the Bulgarian HR Management and Development Association in 2010

CIPR Internal Communications Certificate started successfully in Apeiron Academy

Apeiron Academy awarded two scholarships to students in the first professional internal communications qualification in Bulgaria

Apeiron Academy announces international scholarship competition for their first professional internal communications qualification

From 2010 Apeiron Academy, accredited centre of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, starts new qualification programme for internal communications

Apeiron Academy gave the first awards for effective internal communications Grapevine Awards 2009

The new academic year of Apeiron Academy starts with new project and educational programme

Apeiron Academy gave start to the first edition of Grapewine Awards 2009 - competition for internal communications achievements

Third International Conference 'Successful Communications Start from Witih 2009: Change - an opportunity or a threat?'

Only 17% of the working Bulgarians feel they are better informed about the condition in their companies after the beginning of financial crisis

Student enrollment is open for the CIPR qualification programmes starting 2009 - 2010

Third International Conference 'Successful Communications Start from Within' 2009

Apeiron Academy started publishing an online newsletter

Engage for Change – the First Apeiron Academy Masterclass for Internal Communication in Bulgaria

Apeiron Academy openåd its Academic Year 2008/2009

The summer Academy of Apeiron to open doors in July

Are Bulgarian PR Practitioners Managers in Their Organisations or Just Technical Experts?

First professional Internal Communicator Club (ICC) in Bulgaria is now gathering strength and new friends

How Well are the Employees in an Organization Informed?

"Successful Communication Start From Within" 2007. Second International Conference for Managing Internal Communication

Apeiron Academy Launched the CIPR Diploma Course

New Trainings for 2007 at Apeiron Academy

Where is the place of Internal Communications within the organisation?

"Successful communication starts form within" was the message which Apeiron Academy chose for the opening of the new school year

Days of open doors for CIPR programmes in Bulgaria

Apeiron Communication's Ideas Workshop opened doors for its first client

Successful Communications Start From Within

Apeiron Communication – an Accredited Centre of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations

Apeiron Communication'’s Ideas Workshop opened doors for its first client

In the month of June "Ideas Workshop" accepted its first client who needed the offered service – finding an idea for a practical case.

The Ideas Workshop is a project under the brand of Apeiron Communication and its name gives a good landmark for the essence of the service we offer.

Is there a market for ideas nowadays?
Undoubtedly, yes!

The ability to give birth to ideas, to shape out of existing ones, to think in a suggestive way, to provoke your own bisociations are essential in our profession. In that way the ideas we create are more that those we actually need. This imbalance was in the basis of the creation of a new idea: to save our ideas, to transform them into working ideas or, provoked by a certain need, to look for new ideas that will "fit".

This is how our Ideas Workshop started. In it ideas are created, shaped and, if needed, saved for their 5 minutes of fame to come.

Our Ideas Workshop works non-stop. There are no shackles for it.

If you’re in a situation in which you need one or many ideas, one of many opportunities is to find help from Apeiron Communication's Ideas Workshop.

First finished product of Ideas Workshop

The Case: An existing company changes its main production as well as the industry that it is involved. The Management of the company decides to change the name of the company. The requirements for the name are that:

It should be unique (who doesn't want that :-)

It should be appropriate to its new business activity

It should be outlined against the many participants in a highly competitive industry

Apeiron's decision went through the following steps:

Choosing tools for solving the case;

Creating the profile of the team which will 'enter' the Workshop;

Working process: activating the brain trust, control of its work, review of the ready production and choosing the best three ideas;

Presentation in front of the client;

Final result: the approved idea of the Workshop becomes property of the client.