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Apeiron Academy gave the second awards for effective internal communications
Grapevine Awards 2010

Apeiron Academy will present it schedule for the 2010/2011 school year in October

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Creativity expert Andy Green was main lecturer of Creatvitiy Days 2010, project of Apeiron Academy

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Apeiron Academy awarded two scholarships to students in the first professional internal communications qualification in Bulgaria

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Third International Conference 'Successful Communications Start from Within' 2009

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"Successful communication starts form within" was the message which Apeiron Academy chose for the opening of the new school year

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Apeiron Communication's Ideas Workshop opened doors for its first client

Successful Communications Start From Within

Apeiron Communication – an Accredited Centre of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations

"Successful communication starts form within" was the message which Apeiron Academy chose for the opening of the new school year

13-14 September 2006

Nelly Benova

Gergana Dzhenkova

Julian Genov

Kevin Ruck

Radostina Angelova

Sirma Doneva

Daniela Mihovska

Tomas Achelis

Milena Bogdanova

Yuliana Toncheva

Georgi Kurtev

Smela Nineva

The Cocktail

With its conference "Successful communication starts from within" Apeiron Academy opened up the new school year and small bells were given to each one of the participants as a symbol of the event. Lecturers from the United Kingdom, Germany and Bulgaria – specialists in Public Relations and Human Resources – took part in the conference. All of the participants evaluated the conference as extremely useful because of its programme, professional lecturers and the new contact opportunities that were given during the event.
The two days of the conference in frames and brief words:
The Opening:
With a "welcome to Apeiron Academy" note Nelly Benova greeted the participants and officially announced the start of the new school year.

Introducing the organisation as an open system Gergana Dzhenkova from Aii Data Processing outlined the role of the informed employee for the organisation’s development.

Julian Genov, president and chairman of the Board of directors of ProSoft introduced the manager's point of view. Focus of his presentation was the hidden obstacles or the real problems, which face employers and participants of the process of communicating with internal publics.

The presentations of Kevin Ruck, lecturer at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations of the UK (CIPR), synthesised the knowledge of and the illustration of how to plan and rule over internal communication, how to choose and evaluate the most suitable internal communication channels, the role of communication in the time of organisational changes and how to be creative in managing internal communication.

Radostina Angelova, sociologist from Alpha Research, accented on the important role of research in the process of managing internal communication.

Sirma Doneva from Ideal Standard Eastern Europe presented the first case study "Communication Strategy in Support of Business Strategy".

Daniela Mihovska from Coca-cola HBC unravelled the dilemma if internal communication is the field of activity of the PR or HR managers of an organisation.

Leadership and communication were the main subjects of the second foreign lecturer at the conference – Tomas Achelis from Germany.

The next case study, presented by Milena Bogdanova from Ideal Standard, illustrated how motivated employees improve labour productivity.

"Internal communication within the National Revenue Agency" was a topic introduced by Yuliana Toncheva, director of "Communication" department at NRA and chief expert at the agency Plamen Nikolov.

Ambassadors of BTC was the campaign which was introduced by Georgi Kurtev, "PR and corporate communication" director at the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company.

The Law basis, instituted from the European Directives for informing and consulting employees within the Community was the theme of the introduction, presented by Smela Nineva, expert in Labour Law at the Ministry of Labour and Social Politics.

The participants in the "Successful communication starts from within" conference and the freshmen students of the Apeiron Academy wished themselves new 'academic' (and other types of) meetings :-)