Successful Communications Start From Within

Apeiron Academy will lead first Masterclass in the field of internal communication in Bulgaria "Engage for Change" on 13 and 14 of October.

At Apeiron Communication we advise our clients how to communicate more effectively and convincingly.

Our team knows the value of each stage in strategic planning of communications and uses this expertise in the most effective manner.

Our communication programmes are based on research, clear strategy, innovative ideas, precise implementation and evaluation of results.

Apeiron Communication provides consultancy services in the sphere of communications, which are distinguished by their strategic analysis and planning and are conducted by consultants renowned for their in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience in key industries.
Apeiron Communication conducts the activities from the 'PRE' process: planning, research and evaluation of results of and for communication programmes.

To Apeiron Communication's team, research lies at the heart of effective communications.
This is why Apeiron Communication founded Apeiron Research - a trademark for research projects and surveys in the field of communication..

The work of communication sector professionals is related to a continual training process.
Apeiron Academy is our programme of activities that broaden the perspective for enhancing the knowledge and practical skills of communication sector professionals: qualification programmes of CIPR, seminars, training. In-house training and conferences.