We chose Apeiron as a name of our company, because

Apeiron means boundless
Apeiron means indefinite

For us Apeiron is a symbol of the multitude of opportunities that exist around us. Each of the gates in our logo shows the road to many others chances that we with the help of communications - can identify, pick, model and turn into our opportunities.

Welcome in Apeiron Blog!

Apeiron will use its blog to release materials, which could be helpful for specialists in PR and communication.

In the Apeiron blog you will find our opinion on topics which we find important, interesting or just which we cannot skip without saying anything.

Defining the communication problem and the development possibilities is based on researching and observing the expertise, views and behaviour of those "affected" by the activities and policy of the organisation.

Development of communication policy and programme on the basis of the results of conducted researches, identification of the target audiences, goals, tasks, communication strategies and tactics.

Using of the right combination of PR techniques and approaches for accomplishment of the goals. Coordination and management of all elements included in the action plan.

Evaluation of the preparations, execution and results of the conducted communication policy and/or programme.