We chose Apeiron as a name of our company, because

Apeiron means boundless
Apeiron means indefinite

For us Apeiron is a symbol of the multitude of opportunities that exist around us. Each of the gates in our logo shows the road to many others chances that we with the help of communications - can identify, pick, model and turn into our opportunities.

The reputation of any organization could be considered from different stand points: from the stand point of actual process and different phases (creation, development, sustaining, change) or from the stand point of the components or the factors which influence the corporate reputation. Our approach towards reputation management takes into account all possible stand points.
Research is also intrinsic element included in our work, whilst the involvement of senior company managers is a necessary prerequisite for the success of the efforts in managing corporate reputation well.

Effective internal communication is a major factor for the sustainable development of the organization. Apeiron Communication offers assistance to its clients in developing effective internal communication, conducts surveys around the communication environment, plans communication programmes and evaluates outcomes from undertaken programmes.

Crises ate inevitable stages in the development of any company.
We work with our clients towards recognizing and managing crisis effectively. This means identifying threats and analyzing crisis situations, developing a plan of action and training the team in managing crisis.

Apeiron Communication has experience in developing online communications strategies following the specific rules of this environment.
We advise our clients to consider online communications as an element of their overall presentation, because communications are effective when they are unified and are derived from the business aims of the company.

We assist in developing and maintaining long-lasting efficient relations between our clients and the media, whilst adhering to ethical principles of interaction with the latter.

The success of the consultants depends hugely on the professional training of the internal specialists. We offer support of our clients in their efforts to develop further their professional.
Apeiron Communication tailors the training programmes to the specific needs of each client. The training courses could be targeted at the PR specialists as well as the operational managers of the organization.

Defining the communication problem and the development possibilities is based on researching and observing the expertise, views and behaviour of those "affected" by the activities and policy of the organisation.

Development of communication policy and programme on the basis of the results of conducted researches, identification of the target audiences, goals, tasks, communication strategies and tactics.

Evaluation of the preparations, execution and results of the conducted communication policy and/or programme.